Inclusive Gardening

Enhances sensory gardening activities for kids and adults with disabilities.

Green Circle Garden improves personal satisfaction and well being regardless of age. Children, Adolescents and Seniors can engage in creative gardening activities facilitating social integration of newcomers. Wheelchair accessibility allows both seated and standing participants to work together increasing social interaction in special needs schools, senior living homes and a healthy addition to special needs equipment.

Green Circle Gardens allow users to reach all the cultivation area and offers 10”-11” soil depth to grow root vegetables and hanging plants such as tomatoes or large floral blooms.

New Granite Finishes Available

New Granite Finishes Available


New! Granite Colors Now Available, Sandstone textured Base and Green Granite Tray

Low Maintenance

The elevated garden beds are stand alone and once filled with water via hosepipe will self irrigate for months recycling occasional rainfall. The self watering system eliminates the need for lifting heavy weights by the user.

Robust, Built to Last

Hi UV Weather Resistant materials (Fiberglass/HDPE) and ergonomic design make for a robust, safe garden station built to last over a decade. All parts offered are re-usable only needing soil changes when needed.

Self Watering

The self irrigating system hydrates plants at root level. Ensuring healthy successful grows and longer lasting blooms than in regular ground soil or pots. The vast 42 Gal reservoir doubles as a rainwater harvester.

Modular Design

Green Circle accessible raised garden beds connect to form personalized garden layouts depending on social function or garden space. Planters can be moved when drained and then filled when in desired location.

Award for Accessible Garden Design

Improve the therapeutic experience Horticulture can provide by using our innovative wheelchair friendly gardens. These will serve as an addition to any Enabling Garden enhancing the experience for users. Built to last, our GCG will provide many years of blooming flowers thanks to the use of Hydroponics. The enabling gardens collect and store rainwater too in its generous 44Gal reservoir. Users can enjoy a more successful and trouble free gardening experience, every time. 

More Accessible more wheelchair friendly, participants can enjoy their garden compositions and be within smelling distance of fragrant flowers and herbs.

Accessible Gardening for Senior Living Homes and Special Needs Schools

The circular layout of raised garden beds helps foster social interaction between gardeners, while the work itself improves fitness and acts as a liason between the senses of touch, sight and smell. The wheelchair accessible gardens can also be setup in different layouts to suit the available disabled gardening space or to cater for a large group in a school, care home or senior living home. Nine or ten accessible gardens create a circular layout which act as an enclosing wall: Serving as a refuge for those with Dementia or other disabilities who feel more relaxed with the comfort of a barrier to the outside. It provides a space for exercise, social interaction,  educational learning and keeping the mind and body active

Senior Living Homes

 Improve well being and social interaction

Improving quality of life in senior living homes. Sensory Gardens keep Seniors playing an active role in the garden and keeps the mind and body active. Learn more about our wheelchair accessible raised garden beds

Stimulates the senses for optimal learning 

Sensory stimulation provides the optimal environment for learning. Horticultural Therapy  Sensory gardens help children interact with plants  learning about Science and Nature and designing their own compositions.. 

robust garden system for urban areas

Transform any leveled floor area into a accessible community garden ideal for urban city garden projects . The use of hydroponics makes the Green Circle Garden a competent grow tool for growing all types of plants.

UK Version. Made of Fiberglass, built to last a lifetime


USA Version made of high density polyethylene, uv and weather resistant in freezing temperatures

USA Green Circle Garden for disabled gardening. Rasised garden beds with wheelchair access.jpg