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the Wheelchair accessible Garden

Improve the therapeutic experience horticulture can provide by using our innovative wheelchair accessible garden. The Green Circle Garden can be setup in minutes and offers unrivaled wheelchair access, growing potential and comfort whilst seated or standing up. In addition, the GCG use hydroponics to grow bigger, healthier plants which is more rewarding for individuals in Schools, Senior living Homes and garden communities.

Ergonomic design, durable, self-irrigating, weather and impact resistance are some features of the Green Circle Garden | GCG, see more benefits for your School.

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Built to last

GCG's are made of Composite or HDPE and have great weather and impact resistance, ideal for use in School Playgrounds or community gardens. The accessible garden planters have a low center of gravity and stationary when weighted down by water. GCG's are built to last and don't require regular maintenance or treatments.

Grow Bigger Plants!

Hydroponics grows Healthier plants by boosting root growth. The self irrigation system maintains soil at optimum humidity levels improving nutrient absorbtion. Root vegetables can also be grown as the grow tray has a 10" soil depth. Thirsty plants are well suited to this garden , roots often finding there way into the water reservoir!

More Comfortable

Wheelchair Accessibility is improved by a curved entrance, arm rest recess and legroom to get tucked-in within smelling distance of plants. The complex shape cannot be made of wood and why we use HDPE to create a more adaptive shape. This improves comfort and increases soil depth to grow more. The GCG has been granted a Patent.

- Innovative therapeutic horticulture systems -

Accessible gardening for everyone

Why use Green Circle garden?
  • Grow anywhere, indoor, outdoor or in the most arid of climates.
  • Water efficient, uses up to 10 times less water than in regular grounds soils.
  • Use 20% less garden space for growing the same sized plants.
  • The reservoir collects rainwater, re-filling during rainfall.
  • Have complete control over nutrient and ph balance growing plants healthier and faster.
  • Sterile independent Grow Tray doesn’t suffer from rot and soil borne diseases stunting plant growth.
  • Floral Blooms and Harvesting are more rewarding for inclusive School garden projects.
  • Reduce mulching, changing of soil and weeding

Garden Stations can connect together, share water and create a functional grow area in your ADA landscape design.  Whether your project is in construction phase or updating an existing one, Green Circle Garden can make your Inclusive landscape design ADA accessible and add value to your project.The exterior of the circle provides a comfortable working height for those standing up and unites gardeners to socialize through mutual interest. We recommended that hanging plants are grown on the outside of the circle so flower blooms or plants such as tomatoes, strawberries or melons. Blooming plants extend from the garden planters creating more accessible garden space for seated users to pick fruit or admire the large floral blooms. The water reservoir is filled via hosepipe and can go without water for months, ideal for long School Holidays as they are care free. This innovative wheelchair accessible garden is low maintenance, making gardening more inclusive and less strenuous for the muscles over prolonged amounts of time. The perfect choice for Senior Living Homes, Community gardens or School playgrounds. The inclusive design improves wheelchair access and comfort whilst incorporating an efficient Hydroponic grow system. 

"There is more to a garden than meets the eye" Rudyard Kipling
ADA Inclusive garden areas for senior living homes and Schools

Convert unused hard floor areas into ADA accessible garden features improving your ADA accessibility standards. The durable and safe GCG is ideal for School Playgrounds and community gardens where a high impact resistant product is needed.

ADA accessible garden
Wheelchair accessible gardening in University
Wheelchair accessible garden
Inclusive garden for accessible gardening
Green Circle Garden

The best gardening Tool for schools, universities and senior living homes.

The influence of the interaction of plants and people in an atmosphere as calming and relaxing as a garden has a positive effect on all participants. When the mind and body are less stressed, physical activities are easier to perform. In special needs Schools and Senior living homes, participants can enjoy the social benefits of pleasant conversations, some much needed laughter and making new friends. Also being with a group of people who is also experiencing similar difficulties can be encouraging when seeing how others cope and adjust. A disabled or elderly person who feels isolated from the mainstream of life can greatly benefit from the mental stimulation of a group setting.

A sense of feeling they have accomplished something, and knowing they are responsible to care and nurture a living plant is very rewarding to many individuals. The sense of personal satisfaction growing a flower gifted from a loved one can have noticeable benefits in creating a sense of well-being.

Growing and caring for plants can be a fulfilling pastime for everybody. In many circumstances plants can have therapeutic effects by stimulating the senses of, eyesight, smell, touch and taste. Sensory Gardening is encouraged by Gp’s for dementia care such as Alzheimer’s or Cerebral Palsy because interacting with plants can improve memory by remembering “familiar” long lost scents, shapes, colors, and textures.

Designed to make gardening comfortable and hassle-free

Green Circle Gardens self irrigation system maintains constant moisture levels in growing medium for healthy roots. The large independent grow tray contains 7.5CuFt of soil and has a 10″ soil depth to grow root vegetables. The best thing about hydroponics is that it ensures successful gardening making it more rewarding for children, adults and Seniors. The 44Gal Water reservoir collects rainwater and irrigates roots above by capillary action. The drier the soil becomes the more water is absorbed, simple!

The ergonomic design improves comfort for Children and Seniors with disabilities and allows more reach for people with limited mobility. The curved entrance and arm rest cut-outs allow a wheelchair to pass through the raised bed for the best fit possible.  A wide variety of Wheelchairs can comfortably access the planter and complies to ADA access standards. The modular design allows planters to connect together to create unique garden landscape designs for your projects.

The sterile independent grow tray reduces the risk of of PH changes, soil borne diseases caused by mildew mold and rot. Roots are kept healthy and Soil depth is optimized wherever possible without compromising wheelchair accessibility. GCG accessible raised garden beds are care free and don’t require much attention. GCG’s can grow root vegetables too thanks to its generous soil capacity. Designed and tested to grow more in less space than regular ground soils.

Garden while standing up for Seniors

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