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Common Questions asked by Schools, Senior Living homes and garden Communities.

School and Senior Living Home gardening has never been so fulfilling! Learn more details about the GCG and answers to common questions sent to us by our clients.

The Green Circle Garden Station can withstand -40c to 80c . During Sub-zero Tempratures it is important to drain the water reservoir as water will expand when freezing. 

HDPE and Fiberglass both have good impact resistance. The shear weight of the garden station when fullmakes it static and incredibly difficult to move as it is ballasted by 44Gal of water.

Yes, we do offer discounts on multiple unit orders. For the best offer we recommend selecting 5 units at a time as 5 units can stack on an over-sized pallet. This will save on shipping costs which are currently in the region of $300-$480 depending on your location in the United States. For all orders outside the United States and United Kingdom please contact us for a shipping quote. We can also supply FOB ex-works leaving you in charge of collection.

The wheelchair access is 30″ wide and 30″ high with a maximum arm rest height of 29″ The accessible garden station has a 40″ depth allowing for plenty of legroom when tucked up into the elevated garden bed.

We do ship to Canada however there are GST and PST import taxes which need to be applied.  Contact us with your shipping destination and order quantity for a more accurate quotation.

We do ship to Australia. Contact us with your shipping destination and order quantity for a more accurate quotation.

Upwards of 1000Lbs when saturated.

The Independent Grow Tray has a volume of 7.5 Cu.Ft. It is recommended to fill the Grow Tray right to the top and then some as the soil level will decrease as soil is compacted by rain. 

High quality potting soils are recommended. These are soils which contain Vermiculite and Perlite, regularly used in container gardening. When filling your accessible garden station make sure to fill to the top and then some and pat down gently. Roots prefer loose soil than compacted soil, rain will compact the soil overtime. At the end of each season breaking the soil up and adding fertilizer will have you ready to plant again.

The Garden Station can be setup in an hour.

Shipping within the United Kingdom and United States can take up to 10 working days.

We currently offer Stone effect textured materials. Green Granite Grow Tray and Sandstone container. If you would like another color combination please let us know for future reference.

HDPE and Fiberglass both have excellent weather resistant properties and regularly used in outdoor products.

The Green Circle Garden has been designed with safety in mind. The low center of gravity of the garden station and additional ballast when full of water make it very diifucult to move. The weight when full is close to 1000Lbs.

Senior living home gardening Improved!

Senior Living home gardening is more enjoyable for Seniors in assisted living homes, care homes, nursing homes and accessible community gardens. Over the years we have supplied our products to numerous Care and Nursing homes in the United Kingdom. Recently available in the United States, Canada and Australia, many Senior Assisted living homes are choosing Green Circle Garden to convert their hardscape areas into functional growing facilities. 

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