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Horticultural Therapy Activity list

Horticultural Therapy Activities List

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Test Garden Update - Replanting

Test Garden Update - Replanting


How Green Circle Gardens Are Made

How Disabled Gardens are Made

Disabled Gardening Made Easy With Accessible Raised Garden Beds.


Hand Made in 3 Layer Fiberglass (UK)

Fiberlass Reservoir, 1 of 2 Parts

Fiberlass Reservoir, 1 of 2 Parts

Green Circle Gardens are hand made in Portsmouth, England. Each planter is hand layed up by two proffessonals using 3 layer Fiberglass to create the 500ltr water reservoir and grow tray. This process takes a whole day however the result is a robust 500ltr water tank that self irrigates, collects rainwater and can act as a gravity drip irrigation system for the rest of your garden. Planters can also be connected together to create a disabled garden area in your school or Home.


Post Processing

Quality Fittings

Once the Raised Garden beds have cured, the necessary holes are made and fittings attached. A water inlet valve allows a hosepipe to fill the reservoir when needed. 2 side outlets for drainage or gravity drip system and overflow in case of heavy rain.


Self Irrigation Kit


Each Self Irrigation Kit requires 300Ft of 1/2" double braided Nylon Rope and 3m2 Absorbent Mat/Filter Fabric. This is a proven system that constantly irrigates plants at root level and ensure plants keep healthy and grow faster. Soil temperature is also 4-5c warmer than ground soil so plants flower earlier in the year.



Packaging and Shipping


Our disabled Gardens are shipped on Pallets and ship within 3-5 working days. Green Circle Gardens are made to order and can have a lead time of up two 2 weeks.




For More Information the Green Circle Garden, Click Here

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New Distributor Opportunities with Green Circle Garden

New Distributor Opportunities with Green Circle Garden

Distributor opportunities with Green Circle Garden.

We are now inviting Companies and Individuals the chance to obtain exclusive rights to Green Circle Garden in any State of your choice. 

Accessible Sensory Garden Areas For Special Needs Schools.

Accessible Sensory Garden Areas For Special Needs Schools.

Wheelchair accessible raised garden beds provides sensory therapy for children in special needs schools. Sensory areas enhance learning and keep the mind and body active. Solardome geodesic domes are great facility for any school. A 9 unit Green Circle Garden could fit within Solardomes Paradise model Dome.

Edible Garden Update

Wheelchair Accessible Raised Bed Gardening.

Edible garden Update:

First Strawberries of the season

Picking some radishes for a salad

Here is an update of the Edible garden project posted a few months ago. 

If you are not aware of the Green Circle Garden please see the how it works video below


This is the first Green Circle Garden Prototype and its been on test since 2012.

For everybody who is not familiar with this post, this is the first Green Circle Garden and has been on test since 2012. We plant it out from seed every year and let the hydroponic grow system do the rest. We have grown all types of flowers, herbs fruits and vegetables over the years. Above, radishes, chives, cherry tomatoes, ginger, basil and chilly's were grown.

2 months later the strawberries, Chilly's and ginger have really taken a stronghold and are producing some golf ball sized strawberries. 

Although the weather has been rather chilly over the past month or two there has been noticeble growth and the strawberries have doubled in size.

Big Strawberries coming out

Chillies and Ginger

Strawberries a week later before them being eaten by the gardener...

Although the garden is large it can easily be transported by a single person and a wheelbarrow

Although the garden is large it can easily be transported by a single person and a wheelbarrow

Photos taken 15th October, 2016


Following up on our last edible garden project the Salad Garden

Tips on growing large plants

The most important of all is plant spacing, it is important to allow space for the seedling to expand in all directions 

Green Circle Garden allows you to grow edible plants in a fun, creative way, which can double the yield of the equivalent yard space.

The raised level of the Green Circle Garden gives plants room to spread. Air flow is better, disease is less and its wheelchair accessible.

Vegetables, especially larger vegetables, need room to spread. Often times if you can allow more root space your plants will be better off. The Green Circle Garden can act as a hanging basket maximizing the amount of plant growth too. Melons or Cherry tomatoes can hang and trail and use the 44 Gal water reservoir to grow as big as the sunlight available lets them. Roots of larger plants will find their way into the bottom water reservoir, increasing root space and plant production.

The photo shown is the edible garden of a Vitalia resident in Santander, Spain. The plants she chose were tomatoes, peppers, chilies, strawberries, cabbages, lettuce, chives and Basil.

The Green Circle Garden will help you grow herbs, fruits, and vegetables in a successful way, every time.

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How do Green Circle wheelchair accessible gardens work?

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