Plant spacing guidelines

GCG Plant spacing guidelines

In today’s post we look at plant spacing guidelines for your Green Circle Garden.

The Green Circle Garden self-watering system can grow up to 4 times more compared to growing in regular ground soil. In selecting plants keep to the standard guidelines below. Green Circle Garden will grow plants as big as they can get.

The Green Circle Garden has 7 square foot grow area. Use the diagram below to select 7 boxes of your choice.

Remember that smaller plants such as radishes, Beets, Aragula etc… should be planted in box 6 on the diagram so plants don’t grow tall and block access to the rest of the plant area. Plants with large root systems, in time, will find their way through the grow tray and into the bottom water reservoir where they will flourish. Plants overgrow and need pruning or training to maximise the GCG’s Potential.

When selecting where to place your plants, take into consideration the size of the fully grown plant. We recommend placing larger plants (Melons, Cherry tomatoes, Peppers, Pumpkin) on the furthest most side of the planter where they can be trained to grow outwards and seek as much sunlight as they require.

The same type of plants do not have to be planted together in the same area and can actually maximise plant growth. The diagram below is a representation of the quantity of plants that can be grown in a GCG planter at one time. If you prefer dividing the soil, use plastic sheets or wood laminate and press into soil.

Be creative! mix and match plants and the Green Circle Garden will take care of your crop.