Accessible Gardening for Senior Living

Accessible Green Circle Garden Harvest

In today's post we will be sharing an edible garden composition in one of our accessible raised garden beds.

In this Short Video, we can see that Potato's, Spinach and Strawberries are being grown. The generous 220Ltr soil volume and 10" soil depth allows for many plants to be grown including small fruits and root vegetables. The Green Circle accessible garden is built to last for decades, this planter in particular is 1 of 3 protoypes made 6 years ago and its as good as new and showing no signs of fatigue.

Grow all types of plants, from Flowers to root vegetables  

The hydroponic self watering system keeps plants hydrated at root level and plants only drink what they need. The self watering system maintains moisture even in the most arid of climates.

Hang Pots on your planter for easy transplanting or to increase garden area. This foliage becomes accessible for users from every side.



Grow and train Hanging plants on the edges for accessible foliage

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