How Green Circle Gardens are made in USA

How Green Circle Gardens Are Made (USA)

Disabled Gardening Made Easy With Accessible Raised Garden Beds.


Rotomoulded in HDPE Weather Resistant 

Green Circle Gardens are hand made California, United States. Planters are manufactured by the rotomoulded method in batches of up to 16 a day. High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is a weather resistant plastic with high UV resistance. The accessible garden design is robust and built to hold  (800lbs full) water reservoir and grow tray. The reservoir self irrigates, collects rainwater and can act as a gravity drip irrigation system for the rest of your garden. Planters can also be connected together to create a disabled gardening area in your school or Home


Once the Raised Garden beds have cooled off, the necessary holes are made and fittings attached. A water inlet valve allows a hosepipe to fill the reservoir when needed. 2 side outlets for drainage or gravity drip system and overflow in case of heavy rain.



Each Self Irrigation Kit requires 300Ft of 1/2" double braided Nylon Rope and 3m2 Absorbent Mat/Filter Fabric. This is a proven system that constantly irrigates plants at root level and ensure plants keep healthy and grow faster. Soil temperature is also 4-5c warmer than ground soil so plants flower earlier in the year.

GCG Fittings for Irrigation, Drainage and Water Inlet.

Setting Up

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