Horticultural Therapy Activity list

Horticultural Therapy Activities List

See a few of our enjoyable activities for this Spring!

Comfortable Gardening whether standing up or sitting down.

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Strawberries and Cream anybody?

Accessible Gardening Update May 2017

Potatoes, Spinach and Strawberries

I hope you enjoy today´s post as we harvest some potatoes, spinach and pick some strawberries which are ready to eat before season! 

Here is a short of my Dads Green Circle Garden which he has been enjoying for last 4 years!

I sometimes take photos of his progress to raise awareness on the Green Circle Garden, a wheelchair accessible raised garden bed to improve well being in Schools, Senior living, Hospitals and other community gardening projects.  

Since Then!

Our Strawberries have started to ripen in May and are providing a lot of good sized fruit as you can see. The spinach has started sprouting too after only a couple of weeks. The good thing about growing your own vegetables and fruit is that you can harvest at your own leisure and the plant will continue to produce allowing for the freshest produce when consumed. 

April 2017

April 2017

Late April 2017

May 2017

May 2017

Strawberries and Cream anybody?

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For more information on wheelchair accessible gardening please get in touch, we would be welcome to help out. Below is more detailed information on the planter itself click here for how it works.

Accessible Horticultural Therapy Systems

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Test Garden Update - Replanting

Test Garden Update - Replanting


How Green Circle Gardens Are Made

How Disabled Gardens are Made

Disabled Gardening Made Easy With Accessible Raised Garden Beds.


Hand Made in 3 Layer Fiberglass (UK)

Fiberlass Reservoir, 1 of 2 Parts

Fiberlass Reservoir, 1 of 2 Parts

Green Circle Gardens are hand made in Portsmouth, England. Each planter is hand layed up by two proffessonals using 3 layer Fiberglass to create the 500ltr water reservoir and grow tray. This process takes a whole day however the result is a robust 500ltr water tank that self irrigates, collects rainwater and can act as a gravity drip irrigation system for the rest of your garden. Planters can also be connected together to create a disabled garden area in your school or Home.


Post Processing

Quality Fittings

Once the Raised Garden beds have cured, the necessary holes are made and fittings attached. A water inlet valve allows a hosepipe to fill the reservoir when needed. 2 side outlets for drainage or gravity drip system and overflow in case of heavy rain.


Self Irrigation Kit


Each Self Irrigation Kit requires 300Ft of 1/2" double braided Nylon Rope and 3m2 Absorbent Mat/Filter Fabric. This is a proven system that constantly irrigates plants at root level and ensure plants keep healthy and grow faster. Soil temperature is also 4-5c warmer than ground soil so plants flower earlier in the year.



Packaging and Shipping


Our disabled Gardens are shipped on Pallets and ship within 3-5 working days. Green Circle Gardens are made to order and can have a lead time of up two 2 weeks.




For More Information the Green Circle Garden, Click Here

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Wheelchair Accessible Garden Dimensions

Accessible Raised Garden Bed Dimensions

FAQ: Accessible Gardening Dimensions

A common question we receive regarding Green Circle Gardens are their size, weight and overall dimensions. Customers can be overwhelmed by the size and praise the large 1m2 gardening area. The GCG also offers best in class comfort and productivity thanks to its ample wheelchair access and efficient self watering system. GCG is a well engineered, robust wheelchair accessible garden built to last. GCG is made in the US and UK using high quality materials and components. For more information on the specification or how it works follow this link

US Version pictured. UK version is near identical however has a 5% larger volume.


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New Distributor Opportunities with Green Circle Garden

New Distributor Opportunities with Green Circle Garden

Distributor opportunities with Green Circle Garden.

We are now inviting Companies and Individuals the chance to obtain exclusive rights to Green Circle Garden in any State of your choice.