raised garden beds for Senior Living Homes.


Green Circle Horticultural therapy raised garden beds improve well-being and facilitate integration of new residents into senior assisted living and nursing homes. Horticultural Therapy also stimulates personal satisfaction and sense of control, It provides a reminder of the seasons, notion of time and above all, it’s fun.

One specific area of mental health in which therapeutic horticulture has found a place is the care and treatment of patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia. Green Circle Gardens have been designed to provide a safe and stimulating environment for Seniors. Sensory stimuli associated with gardens have been used to provoke memories in reminiscence therapy and can provoke long lost skills and memories.


Innovative Disabled Gardening Tool For Your Senior Care Home

  • Green Circle Garden can be laid out in various ways to suit the available space; normally a circle of ten but with a simple division, up to twenty Seniors can be pottering independently, learning new or long lost skills and memories. Green Circle Garden Planters are designed to be placed together forming different landscapes in your Senior care home. Each cluster of planters can have a specific uses whether to increase social interaction or to create private areas for small groups or individuals.

  • The exterior of the circle provides a comfortable working height for those standing up and unites gardeners to socialize through mutual interest. Hanging plants are great to grow on the outside of the circle maximizing flower blooms or vegetable patches such as tomatoes or melons! Blooming plants protrude from the garden creating more accessible garden space.

  • The system is water efficient and collects rainwater too. The Planter Reservoir can be filled via hosepipe and can go without water for months. This innovative accessible garden is low maintenance, and makes gardening more enjoyable.

  • These accessible wheelchair friendly gardens meet ADA requirements for disabled access.

plants grow bigger flowers-bloom-using-green circle garden wheelchair  accessible rasied beds for community gardens

transform any level area in your assisted living home into wheelchair accessible gardening facility. 



residents in your Care home will grow healthy plants every time.

The self-watering system provides the optimum amount of soil humidity at root level reducing water usage. You can plant 4X the amount of crops in the same space as traditional ground soil. Some crops can grow 2X faster getting the optimum amount of water, nutrients and oxygen. Can be used indoors or outdoors.

Accessible raised bed gardens for seniors or disabled users in Assisted living Homes. Urban gardens benefit from Horticultural Therapy
Wheelchair Accessible raised garden bed. Green Circle Garden

Improve wheelchair Access facilities in your Senior Assisted living home

Wheelchair accessible gardening is now more comfortable and allows both seated and standing up participants to work together. The Green Circle Garden has the standard work table height a 32", fine adjustments can be made in ground preparation or raising the seat height for snug fit. The ample wheelchair access admits most wheelchairs perfect for schools and communities. Our wheelchair accessible garden has won an award for Universal Design and Accessibility.

In some cases plants can become a personal entity to care for and help battle feelings of isolation.
— American Horticultural Therapy Association


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