important! read Instructions before setup

IMPORTANT! Remember to OVERFILL the grow tray with soil and pat down gently so roots can roam freely, Soil is compacted over time and will reduce in height by 2"-3". If the garden is under filled at the start of the season this level will reduce not allowing plants to take full advantage of the 10" soil depth and 220/240Ltr grow tray.

Four Good-To-Know tips before Setting up your Enabling Garden


1. Planting Information

Until seeds and seedlings have established their roots in their new location and begin to sense that moisture lies below, usually 2-3 weeks, It is recommended to water plants until they have settled in. Thereafter the container will self-irrigate. When the Dip-Stick shows a low water level fill with garden hose through water inlet. In outside locations, in temperate zones, normal rainfall will make good the water level. Units can also be permanently connected to the mains with suitable plumbing for arid conditions to avoid the need for more frequent reference to the Dip-Stick.

It’s recommended to grow hanging flowers or vegetables on the front side of the planter as these will “bulge out” creating a wheelchair accessible area where for example, cherry tomatoes can be picked regularly or flowers can be enjoyed up close.


2. Soil Mediums and feeding

GCG Blend 1/3 peat moss, 1/3 varied composts and 1/3 vermiculite.

High quality "container" Potting soils are highly recommended. These are organic, nutrient rich and include Vermiculite and Perlite (These absorb water and airate the soil) Can be found in all garden centers.

In Arid locations where rain is scarce use diluted plant feed by soaking soil first and then adding plant feed solution. For all other climates slow release plant feed such as guano sticks can be mixed into the soil.


3. Changing soil

If you would like to start a new garden composition,The Planter can be emptied of all soil by removing top soil and lifting the remainder with the Geo-Fabric, exposing clay pebbles/Arlite. New container garden soil can top up the grow tray until full. NOTE: Fill the grow tray with soil as high as possible  and pat down gently, The soil level will decrease as it becomes compacted by Rainfall.






In sub zero conditions, the water reservoir must be drained by leaving at least one drain hole open to avoid expansion of of formation of ice.


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