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ADA compliant learning garden for Schools with children or teenagers with disabilities. Make your garden more accessible  and inclusive to cater for all participants in your High School or garden education program.

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GCG Learning Gardens for Schools are ideal for the practice of  Garden Education for children with limited mobility and learning disabilities. Children learn new skills, have fun, socialize and develop self-confidence by spending time tending plants and growing their own food. The Green Circle Garden GCG can improve physical and mental functions of children and young adults with mental or physical abilities, often allowing them to perform at their highest ability. Educational garden Activities in Science and Nature can open scope for creativity in children such as planning and designing their edible garden compositions and working on arts and crafts projects. For more information on the GCG learning garden for Schools see our  Sensory Garden Blog

Hydroponics grows Healthier plants by boosting root growth. Teaching how the self irrigation system maintains soil at optimum humidity levels and how nutrients are absorbed can be studied in Biology or Botany. All sorts of plants including root vegetables can be grown. Thirsty plants are well suited to the GCG, roots often finding there way into the water reservoir and growing to enormous sizes. The self watering system provides the optimum amount of soil humidity at root level reducing water usage. Teaching how you can plant 4X the amount of crops in the same space as traditional ground soil. Some crops can grow 2X faster getting the optimum amount of water, nutrients and oxygen. GCG learning gardens can be used indoors or outdoors great for learning and discovering gardening education on rainy days! See the Harvest Hydroponics offers

The modular design of the GCG allows planters to connect to one another creating garden education facilities for Schools. When connected together both standing and seated gardeners interact through mutual interest increasing social interaction and well-being facilitating social integration of new students. The Green Circle Garden has the standard work table height of 32″. The ample wheelchair access admits most wheelchairs perfect for ADA compliant Schools studying garden education. Our Accessible garden has won an award for Universal Design and Accessibility and has been medically approved. Inclusive gardening improves learning and well-being in children and promotes self satisfaction allowing students to become more able. 

Other Benefits of Learning Gardens for Children in Special In Special Needs Schools

  • Self confidence from achieving their goals and enjoying the food they have grown. Learning garden skills improves personal satisfaction
  • Love of nature a chance to learn about the outdoor environment in a safe and pleasant place.
  • Reasoning and discovery as they learn about science, botany, nutrition and simple construction.
  • Responsibility from caring for and tending plants.
  • Physical activity which is fun and productive.
  • Creativity designing garden compositions and arts and crafts activities can be very rewarding for individuals with disabilities.
  • Understanding as they learn about cause and effect (for example, plants grow when you water them, require nutrients and Sunlight).

GCG Learning Gardens use Hydroponics to improve gardening projects in Special Education projects

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