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Benefits of Composite raised garden planters

No rot, MILDEW, pests or mold

Unlike existing wooden products, HDPE Plastic and composite materials are resistant to rotting, pests, mildew and mold producing healthier roots. This is a longer lasting product as a consequence. Moreover, wood rots over time making it unstable. Top heavy, water saturated soil can become unstable and could collapse with the added forces of its users.

GCG Self irrigates for months

Raised Garden beds are prone to drying out, insulation and low soil depth heats up faster. Our 44 Gal water reservoir and 100Ft wick system irrigates plants efficiently for months eliminating the need to water the garden, lowering maintenance. Soil temperature is regulated by the water reservoir, cooling in the heat and warmer in the colder conditions.

Grow bigger plants with GCG

The independent raised garden bed keeps your high quality potting soil moist and clear of soil borne diseases for healthy root systems and bigger plants. The sterile plastic or composite raised garden bed keeps your soil cleaner and more controlled than in organic containers, hence why garden pots are NOT organic.

Doesn't have to replaced

Existing wooden raised garden beds have to be treated or replaced every few years if left untreated. The weight of soil and rotting wooden planks can cause an injury to its user. Composite and Plastic raised garden beds are safer to use and never have to be treated or maintained.

INCREASED soil depth

Composite and Plastic construction techniques allow for more complex shapes than wooden constructions, maximizing soil depth whereas existing products can't meet the tolerances, having to compromise between accessibility and soil depth.

Playground Resistant

HDPE Plastic has proven to be a stronger than most plastics, wood, and even metal. It's impact-resistant, so it can stand up to the harsher environments such as School Playgrounds. Our water ballasted garden station increases safety by becoming static when full making it unmoveable (800Lbs)

Weather resistant

High Density shatter-proof HDPE Plastic and Composite have added UV stabilizer for use in direct sunlight and often used for outdoor applications as it can stand some of the most extreme weather conditions .

Universal Wheelchair accessibility

Ergonomic design allows us to create a custom fit and enough leg room to get tucked in. Complies to ADA wheelchair access standards. The most comfortable gardening experience from a wheelchair.

Less weeds and pests

As this is a raised garden bed, it is more difficult for weeds and pests such as snails and slugs to ruin your gardening experience.

Extreme Temperatures

HDPE GCG's withstand extreme conditions including extreme heat and cold, -40 °F - 200°F. The water reservoir must be drained in sub zero temperatures

GCG KEEPs your hands clean

The Hydroponic self watering system hydrates plants at root level, top soil is kept dry. The plastic used is High-Density Polyethylene which is sterile and resistant to mildew and mold.

Durable Composite and Plastic

HDPE Plastic and Composite/Fiberglass raised garden beds have good impact resistance for public areas such as School Playgrounds or community gardening.

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innovative Composite and Plastic Horticultural Therapy System

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