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The best Inclusive Garden planters for School playgrounds and urban community gardening

Version 1 UK | Fiberglass
£880 GBP

GCG|Green Circle Garden V1 is made of Fiberglass and only available in the UK and Europe.  This product is shipped individually on a pallet. Includes all post processing, self irrigation kit and assemblies fixed into place, ready for filling with soil and plants. No setup required. Built to the highest of standards using 3 x 350g fiberglass sheet our accessible gardens are built to last a lifetime and can withstand the harshest of environments. 

Version 2 USA | HDPE
$845 USD

GCG |Green Circle Garden Version 2 is an updated design for the USA, Canada, Australia and neighbouring countries. Made of weather resistant High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) the GCG is designed to improve accessibility, accommodating more wheelchair varieties thanks to its arm-rest cut-outs. The GCG Includes all post-labor and pre-assembled parts ready to be screwed into place. Setup time 30-40 mins.

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innovative horticultural therapy systems

The accessible garden that does wheelchair accessibility justice!

Improving Therapeutic Horticulture

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