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ADA Accessible garden - Product Details

GGC accessibility goes beyond standard ADA regulations using a complex shape for a custom fit and to maximize soil depth wherever possible.  Its arked entry,  large 30″ X 30″ X 32″ wheelchair reccess provide ample access to allow the tallest gardeners to get tucked in. The arm rest cut outs allow wheelchairs to enter the garden so gardeners can reach further than ordinary wooden raised garden beds. The functional design also acts as a reservoir for a hydroponic self watering system. When full water acts as ballast for increasing safety. The ergonomic design has won awards for Accessible Design, granted a Patent and Registered Design. The GCG is ADA accessible whilst containing a large quantity of soil for large plants to spread their roots.

New Design V2!

See detailed information about our inclusive ADA wheelchair accessible garden. beds and what we have done to make setup a breeze. Feel free to download our step by step instruction manual and see how easy the GCG is setup. If you have any queries visit our frequently asked questions or send us an email, we’ll be more than happy to help!

The Best Accessible Garden

More intricate Design than the first V1 composite/Fiberglass raised garden beds. Version 2 is made of HDPE plastic which has good weather and impact resistance.  Improvements include wider wheelchair access, efficient hydroponic watering system and more robust geometry. This improves the overall experience for users taking inclusive gardening to the next level in communities, Schools and Senior Living Homes.

CAD Optimized design for accessibility and function

30" Arm rest Height
width 33"
comfortable 31.6" Legroom
32"working height
7.5Cu.Ft Grow Tray
44 Gal water Reservoir

Whats included in a GCG Raised bed kit?

1. ergonomic GARDEN container

The GCG Raised garden bed kit is easy to setup. We have pre-assembled the parts and fittings, pre-cut wicks and drilled all the necessary holes for you to setup your Raised garden bed kit in less than an hour.

50Cu.ft Container

The 50Cu.Ft container acts as a 42 Gal Water reservoir. the robust design also includes a large recess for wheelchair users. The arked recess allows seated gardeners to tuck in.

44 Gal Reservoir

The garden container acts as a water reservoir, once filled the hydroponic self watering garden will start absorbing water carrying it to the roots above by capillary action or wicking effect.

ADA accessible

The Green Circle Garden has been designed to optimize accessibility without compromising comfort or growing potential. SoCal 55+ Award for Universal Design.

2. Independent Grow Tray

The hydroponic self watering garden has a total volume of 50 Cu.Ft, stores 44Gal of water and has 7.5Cu.Ft of Growing area with a maximum soil depth of 10.5″. The tried and tested design has grown all sorts of plants from small fruits, root vegetables to large floral varieties. Hydroponic Systems grows more plants in less area than regular container gardens.

7.5 CU.Ft Grow area

The large grow tray has enough soil volume to grow large plants and allows for large root systems to be formed. The hydroponic self watering system can grow more in less space.

10.5" max soil depth

The grow tray has a maximum soil depth of 10.5" and optimized to have the deepest possible soil depth directly in front of the gardener. Plants grow to large sizes leading to great harvests!

equipped for hydroponics

The hydroponic self watering garden can use various irrigation systems however We have decided to use soil and a simple but reliable wicking system. A drip system may also be used.

3. Pre -Assembled Parts

The Raised garden bed kit includes all the parts and fittings to setup your Green Circle Garden in approximately 30 minutes. We have pre-assembled the parts for you ready to be screwed into place. The ADA wheelchair accessible garden is kept water tight and can be used indoors our outdoors.

Water Inlet Valve

When filling the water inlet valve will shut off incoming water when full so it can be permanently connected to a hosepipe. When Connecting stations together water entry will be shared to save time in filling each one

Side Outlets

The water reservoir can be drained via side outlets. After heavy rainfall excess water will escape via the overflow to stop swamping and damage to plant roots.

Water Meter

Check the water level in your water reservoir if plants start wilting. A hosepipe can also be attached to the Overflow for fast filling.

4. Hydroponic self-irrigation kit

The hydroponic self watering garden includes 100Ft of reusable Wicking Ropes, Absorbent mats and filter fabric. The wicking ropes come cut to length so they can easily be inserted into the pre-drilled holes in the Grow Tray. ADA wheelchair accessible garden keeps top soil dry making gardening cleaner for its users.

100Ft of Wicks

The large 42Gal Water reservoir sends water to the roots above via 100Ft of 1/2" wicking ropes.

Geo Textile

Geo Textile is used as filter fabric so sediment does not fall through into the water reservoir.

Absorbent Mats

Absorbent Mat spreads water throughout the grow tray for even irrigation.

See our new Optimized design - Version 2
Whats New?
  • Up to 30.5″ arm rest height improving access to suit most wheelchairs.
  • 10% More Drainage holes and wicking ropes (100Ft total) for improved irrigation.
  • Garden stations can stack within each other saving on high shipping costs of over-sized pallets.
  • Redesigned geometry makes it robust and built to last.
  • Lower center of gravity.
  • Materials used: High density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Granite textured colors (Current color; Green Granite Grow Tray and Sandstone container)
  • Inclusive design for community gardening projects

Built to a high standard using durable UV resistant materials. Our gardens are handmade in Fiberglass in the UK and HDPE in the USA. In the long run, the ADA wheelchair accessible garden offers great value for money compared to wooden designs which need to be maintained and treated regularly. Treating wood regularly is important so it doesn’t absorb water, attract insects, mildew and rot. The Green Circle Garden lowers maintenance and doesn’t need to be treated or replaced. The hydroponic self watering garden lowers maintenance and grows healthier plants than regular raised garden beds.

Wheelchair accessible Garden Dimensions

Inclusive wheelchair accessible garden beds
- Green Circle Garden Registered Design -
We've done the hard work so you don't have to!
GCG Green Circle Garden Self irrigation kit setup
Make your Garden inclusive!
  • The Water Reservoir container includes 3 spin welds for parts to be screwed into place whilst keeping water tight!
  • We assemble the parts and fittings ready to screw into place.
  • 100Ft GCG Wicks are pre-cut, ready for placement.
  • The Grow tray is trimmed and pre-drilled.
  • The raised garden bed kit and self irrigation kit is synthetic and therefore reusable and doesn’t rot.
  • To start gardening you will need 7.5Cu.Ft high quality potting soil and a 1Cu.Ft of expanded clay pebbles (recommeded)
form follows function

The Innovative Horticultural Therapy System has been granted a Patent and Registered Design. 

The GCG’s raised bed design combines ergonomic wheelchair access with a hydroponic self watering garden to create a comfortable, care-free, high yield raised garden bed. Consequently, the gardening experience is more enjoyable for Children, Adults and Seniors. 

The durable and safe GCG is ideal for School Playgrounds and community gardens. GCG’s have high impact resistance and ballasted by water making them stationary. 

Convert unused hard floor areas into ADA accessible garden features improving your ADA accessibility standards

Top view of a Green Circle raised Garden Bed Container
Top view of water reservoir
Top View of Water Inlet Valve in a Raised Garden Bed
Water inlet valve
ADA wheelchair accessible garden container design concept
Bottom of garden container
Hydroponic Self watering garden wick system
100Ft pre-cut Wicks
Two Pre-Assembled Side Outlets
Pre-assembled side-outlets
Pre-Assembled Water Inlet Valve in a Green Circle Raised Garden Bed
Pre-assembled parts
self watering raised garden bed Overflow Valve in case of Heavy rainfall
Overflow for water run-off
Dipstick Water Meter for a Green Circle Raised Garden Bed
Pre-assembled Water Meter
Exploded View of a self watering accessible raised garden bed kit
Exploded view of a Green Circle Garden

innovative horticultural therapy systems

The hydroponic self watering garden


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