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Accessible landscape design Layouts

Green Circle Garden makes any project design accessible and a good idea for Landscape Architecture Design projects. Whether in construction phase or landscaping the GCG raised garden beds will add value to your pathways and unused hardscape areas. See GCG Accessible landscape design ideas layouts and ideas below.

Projects In Construction Phase

If you are an Architecture landscape Design Firm working on a project in construction phase why not include The Green Circle Garden for your Accessible landscape design layouts? The GCG converts any hard floor area in to a wheelchair gardening facility for residents in Senior Living homes, Hospitals and Children in Schools.

10 Green Circle Gardens in a circular layout create an enclosed area great for your Landscape Designs

ADA landscape design ideas

Connect modular GCG Stations together to create different layouts for your ADA accessible landscape projects. The Green Circle Garden is a durable product which design has taken into consideration the forces that may be applied to it by children in a School Playground setting. Read more Advantages

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Make your Landscaping projects ADA accessible

Green Circle Garden can be placed on any level ground, ideal for hardscape designs and urban concrete jungles. The self watering system makes our product low maintenance and care free. The large water reservoir and Grow Tray can self-irrigate for months on end and forever if it can collect enough rainfall 🙂

ADA Landscape Garden Project under Construction

Garden containers for accessible gardening

Landscape Architecture Design Firms have an easy way of making any project under construction ADA accessible. We have researched, Horticultural Therapy Studies to create this functional design which has been found that an enclosing barrier is preferred by gardeners with disabilities such as dementia making them feel protected from the outside world. (AHTA)

Simple Ground Preparation may be needed if your floor is not level
Wheelchair Accessible Landscape Design Idea for projects in construction phase

As long as the ground is level you’re good to go however if you would like to adjust the height, the garden bed can be sunk or raised by 1.5″ with simple ground preparation. This may be used in Children’s Schools and Hospitals where a lower than standard 32″ working height is preferred. It is not recommended to place Green Circle Gardens on unlevel ground.

Raised Garden Beds on Concrete for Hardscape Designs

Growing Vegetables in a green Circle Wheelchair Accessible Garden

Can be placed on any leveled surface perfect for your Hardscape Designs. Raised garden beds on concrete turn any unused hard floor area into a functional wheelchair accessible garden facility for residents in Senior Living homes or Children in Schools. The Green Circle Garden has great weather and Impact resistance perfect for Playgrounds and public community gardens.

Include wheelchair Gardening areas in your landscape designs!

GCG accessible landscape design ideas can add value to any project that seeks to create an ADA wheelchair accessible gardening area for its visitors, residents or students. Green Circle Garden lowers maintenance and grows healthier and bigger plants than in regular ground soils thanks to its use of Hydroponics. See how it workA

Award for Accessibility and Universal design
- Robust and Durable Self-Watering Raised garden beds -

Garden design Layouts and dimensions

GCG Stations are modular and can connect together creating a various landscape design layouts. A circle of 10 creates the enclosing wall which studies have found that a barrier to the outside world provides individuals with mental disabilities a feeling of safety helping facilitate well-being and stimulating the senses whilst gardening.

Accessible Landscape Designs

Aerial view of several accessible garden design layouts for landscape architects

Research has found that an enclosing barrier is preferred by patients with dementia making them feel protected from the outside world. Quoted by The American Horticultural Society. GCG Accessible landscape design ideas to convert any hard floor area indoor or outdoor into a robust inclusive gardening facility.

Landscape Feature Size

Landscape Feature size of 10 Green Circle raised Gardens beds in a circular layout

The overall height of the garden bed can be reduced by 1.5″ with ground preparation.

Green Circle Garden Details

See our detailed Size and Dimensions here. The Green Circle Garden is IP protected and been granted a United States Patent and Registered Design in Europe. The innovative design has been perfected over 5 years to create the ultimate accessible gardening Station allowing gardeners to grow healthy large plants thanks to its self-watering system “There is more to a garden than meets the eye” Rudyard Kipling

Accessible landscape design ideas

Accessible Landscape Design layouts and ideas


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Accessible landscape design Layouts

Ideal for Projects in construction

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