About accessible raised Garden Beds


"The idea to develop an innovative system by which disabled gardeners could undertake practical gardening activities. Inspiration came by thinking about a way to improve my grand-mother´s quality of life. Before she developed Alzheimer´s, she loved nature and enjoyed spending time taking care of her garden"

Our Mission To Improve well-being through wheelchair accessible gardening in Senior Assisted Living Homes, Special Education Schools and Communities.

Wheelchair accessible Garden. Raised garden beds for Hospitals, special needs schools and Senior living homes. Award winning.


Green Circle Garden makes growing and tending plants more comfortable and enjoyable. Accessible gardening is now more stimulating for the senses as participants are relaxed and within smelling distance of the flowers. Gardeners can reach more garden area thanks to the ample wheelchair access. The wheelchair accessible raised bed doubles up as a water reservoir, collecting rainwater and constantly hydrating plants at root level. 

Creating a wheelchair accessible raised garden bed was key for a more comfortable gardening experience whilst seated.  Designed with growing potential in mind for longer lasting blooms and yields. Green Circle Garden has had much interest from the community as it fills a gap in the market where there are no accessible gardens that do wheelchair accessibility justice. This is why we set out to create the Green Circle Garden. A product that is built and proven to last in all weather conditions and serves as a powerful growing tool for special needs schools and assisted living homes.. All our accessible gardens are still in use since incorporation of the company in 2012.



GCG Manufacturer Premises

See our new Aluminium rotational mould In Action!


Ian’s work is one of value to the community. The designs he has come up with help people who enjoy gardening but due to either old age or a disability found it hard to do. Ian has brought Happiness and put smiles on people faces through the pleasure of a simple task such as growing herbs and flowers.
— Grahame Dunling, Chief Operating Officer at Peninsula Farms W.L.L
Ian has developed an effective and inspiring product to bring joy and needed stimulus to seniors and others who suffer from mobility issues. His modular raised bed system allows those who have missed their gardens a chance to once again explore their passion for growing things, while inspiring non-gardeners to give their green thumb a chance to develop!
— Karen Everett Watson, Gerontologist|Blogger|Journalist
Ian really does think outside the box in the development of gardening solutions for disabled and older people, particularly for those with a diagnosis of dementia.
— Jacquie Gardner, Home Manager at Executive Care Group