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The GCG | Green Circle Garden station can connect together to create a circular inclusive gardening facility, consisting of ten garden stations designed for Horticultural Therapy and improving living care. Wheelchair accessibility allows both seated and standing gardeners to work together increasing social interaction in  Schools or Senior assisted living home gardens

Improve Quality of Life!

Whilst studying Product Design at University we were challenged to create leisure product for seniors over 60.  My Grandmother 98 years of age, was in an assisted living home and one of my visits she told me that, what she missed most was being unable to tend to her garden. I set out to create an inclusive gardening…Read More

Ideal for School Playgrounds

The Green Circle Garden is a durable product which Design has taken into consideration the forces that may be applied to it in a School Playground or community garden setting, such as it being pushed and pulled on or kicked. GCG has it covered. Read about Safety Features

Safety First

Unlike wood, our product is made of HDPE or Composite and doesn't suffer from rot over time making it safer for use in Schools and Senior living homes. The garden station has a low center of gravity and becomes static when ballasted with water and soil, a combined weight of 800Lbs.

Sensory Garden

Sensory stimulation provides the optimal environment for learning. Sensory gardens help children and adults interact with plants stimulating the senses of sight, touch and smell whilst learning about Science and Nature. This activity has been proven to stimulate the brain and memory recall.

Hardscape Design

The wheelchair accessible garden bed can be placed on any level floor indoor or outdoor to create an impressive inclusive gardening facility for standing and sitting down gardeners. Any unused hardscape can now be converted into a useful and productive area for children, adults and Seniors with disabilities.

In loving memory of Esley Armour

Improve Quality of Life in Schools & Senior Care homes

Bring science and nature closer to Children, adults and Seniors as they learn the plant life-cycle. Interaction with plants keeping the mind and body active and as a consequence improves the quality of Life in Schools and Senior Care homes. Inclusive gardening improves living care standards in all communities.

Short Story of how it began...

The gcg story

The Idea

During University 2011, studying Product Design the class was challenged to create a leisure product for seniors over 60. At the time, my Grandmother, 98 years of age was in a care home and on one of my visits she told that what she missed most (out of all things) was her garden. The senior assisted living home had an inclusive gardening area for residents but the limited accessibility cuased overstretching and as a result, strained her muscles. 

The Concept

I did some research and to my surprise there was a gap in the market for a better solution to existing wooden accessible gardens. The concept was designed using computer aided design to create  an ergonomic garden that does wheelchair accessibility justice. 

Green Circle living care Garden self watering raised bed
Product Development

In 2012, during my Masters in Product Innovation and Development I learnt how to develop and manufacture concepts to market. We made a wooden wheelchair accessible garden bed but soon found out that we had to compromise between comfort or soil depth. Using a 10″ deep grow tray we found that  Lifting our arms above our shoulder, or to low blocking accessjust like in my Grandmothers care home… This because the wooden construction techniques used cannot make complex enough shape to maximize the “garden space” from the knees to chest area. This area determines the soil depth which is valuable as there is not much space available. 

The method of construction had to be changed to a material with less wall thickness than wood. Choosing Material for Impact resistance, weather resistance and flexibility in design for comfortable access. A composite mold was made and production started in the United Kingdom in 2012. Since then, increased interest from the United States, Canada and Australia spurred me on to Increase production using the HDPE Rotomoulding process. Composite/Fiberglass models are still made and sold in the UK.

GCG inclusive gardening for children, adults and seniors in care

inclusive Gardening facility

The Green Circle Garden is an ideal choice for School playgrounds and Senior living where a durable and safe product is needed. Other applications inclusive gardens include assisted living homes, care homes and hospitals.

The wheelchair accessible garden bed can be setup in different layouts to suit the available area in your School playground or Senior assisted living home. It provides a space for exercise, social interaction, educational learning and keeps the mind and body active. Sensory Gardens are ideal for the practice of Horticultural therapy for children with limited mobility or learning disabilities. Children learn new skills, have fun, socialize and develop self-confidence by spending time tending plants and growing their own food. The Green Circle Garden can improve physical and mental functions of children and adults with dementia, often allowing them to perform at their highest ability. Educational Activities in Science and Nature can open scope for creativity in children and adults such as planning and designing their garden compositions and working on arts and crafts activities. See our blog for updated Activities

Standing raised garden beds for Schools
Living care learning gardening for children, teens with disabilities in schools or in care coomunities
Living care garden for disabled children schools
Self watering garden for standing up teenagers with disabilities

How it improves living care

Green Circle garden beds improve well-being and facilitate integration of new residents into senior assisted living homes and students in Schools. Horticultural Therapy stimulates personal satisfaction and sense of control, It provides a reminder of the seasons, notion of time and above all, it’s fun. The exterior of the circle provides a comfortable working height for those standing up and unites gardeners to socialize through mutual interest. Hanging plants are great to grow on the outside of the circle maximizing flower blooms or vegetable patches such as tomatoes or melons! Blooming plants protrude from the garden creating more accessible garden space.

One specific area of mental health in which therapeutic horticulture has found a place is the living care and treatment of patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Green Circle Gardens are designed to provide a safe and stimulating environment for Seniors in assisted living homes. Sensory stimuli associated with gardens have been used to provoke memories in reminiscence therapy and can provoke long lost skills and memories improving quality of life!

Indoor learning garden for Schools
Healing Garden therapy improves wellbeing in Schools and care homes
Indoor sensory gardening

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