Growing Season is set to start and we’ll be regularly updating you on appealing plant combinations for your Green Circle Gardens.

It’s best to wait until you are past your average last frost date. But that in-between time can seem like an eternity, especially when the sights and sounds of early spring are already upon us.

If you just can’t wait another another 2-4 weeks or so, here are a number or plants that can stand a little chill. Their flowers and/or foliage will bring spring cheer while you’re waiting for warmer temperatures, and they’ll last well into summer.

A visit to your local garden center is also recommended to seek advice on a wider variety of plants to be grown in your area.

Here is a list of 7 Plants which will fill your planter with colour, texture and scent making it a great choice.


“Primula” comes from the Latin word “primus,” which means “first,” aptly referring in this case to the early-spring blooming time. Primrose is a semievergreen perennial that comes in a wide variety of colors. Its short stature makes it appropriate for the front of a container. Partial Shade.

Hellebore, or Lenten Rose

Hellebore is an evergreen, early-blooming perennial that works well in a shady container. It can begin to bloom in late winter, even with snow still on the ground. Once the blooms have finished, you can relocate it to your landscape for blooms in years to come.


Tulips and other spring-blooming bulbs add bright color to containers. While you can plant the container with the bulbs in fall, leaving it in a protected site, it’s easiest to purchase already-blooming pots in the spring and nestle the plants in your container.

Spotted Dead Nettle

A good option for edging your containers in spring is spotted dead nettle. While it won’t bloom until May or June, its attractive foliage will look lovely spilling over the edge of your pot. The variety in this photo is ‘White Nancy’.


While its foliage stays compact, the delicate, nodding flowers of columbine reach upward, to 2 feet. The flowers are highly attractive to hummingbirds yet resistant to deer and rabbits.

Siberian Bugloss, or Brunnera

This early- to midspring bloomer features eye-catching heart-shaped leaves. Its flowers are light blue, similar to those of forget-me-not. Relocate it to a moist, shady spot in your garden once the season is through.

English Ivy

This is a favorite for its draping habit in containers. As an evergreen, it has leaves that look terrific in early spring and can tolerate frost. It’s best to keep this ivy in containers, as it can be invasive in some parts of the country.

Stay tuned to more Plant combinations in the coming weeks!